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tend to be a retired

few who’ve been married for forty years. I enjoy my spouse and she adores myself. We continue to have an energetic sex life, but we

have actually discussed her finding

another sexual companion becoming with occasionally. Neither of us approves of going on line discover one. How would

you suggest

that we select their a

«friend with benefits», whom she can end up being with and rely on?

Our youngsters all live far from united states, therefore we

are not really hung-up about any person discovering.

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One of the keys issue is «trust». It’s never no problem finding you to definitely trust with any facet of your lifetime – finances, work, family, actually brushing – so, naturally, it would be particularly difficult when it comes to generating a sexual triad.

The first thing for your needs along with your wife doing would be to go over in fantastic information just what that «agreement» would seem like. For example, would it be okay for your next individual be someone within community, that you might see various other options? Would you exposure delivering see your face in the residence, or would it be simpler to utilize an alternate place? Would your spouse notice individual alone, or might you be present? What boundaries must ready? Exactly what are the safety considerations? Human beings are hardwired to feel envy; even if you imagine this would maybe not arise, it probably would – how could you deal with that? Would details end up being discussed?

There must be clear, transparent, mutual consent – such as by third person. It might be best to look for an established «swingers» area close by, since, in it, you are more prone to discover someone that has already been confident with unorthodox connections. However you will still have to follow policies, workout caution and stay ready for unforeseen feelings and occasions.

Pamela Stephenson Connolly is actually a US-based psychotherapist who specialises in treating sexual problems.

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